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  • Nicole and Trevis Lucas

Why We Do What We Do

We all have a story and although we may think our story is not that interesting, it usually is to someone. This is why we feel it is important to tell our story and why we do what we do, it provides an understanding of how we got to where we are today. I want to talk about a particular year that started the shift in our lives, a time that altered how we live our life and helped us gain a passion that we did not even know existed.

It was in November of 2012 and Trevis’s brother got a diagnosis of stage 4 glioblastoma, a massive tumor in his brain and he was given 5 to 18 months to live. I do not want to tell his and his wife’s story because that is theirs to tell but I will not leave you in suspense on how things turned out for him. Through lots of hard work by him and the army of support that surrounded him, he is still alive today and doing amazing.

This event changed our lives forever because the majority of the support we provided to him came from researching. You see, the medical system did an amazing job of saving his life by removing the tumor in the emergent situation he was in. However, apart from that, the only other things they had to offer required burning him (radiation) and poisoning him (chemotherapy). We needed more; more choices, better options and things that were going to make him stronger instead of weaker. You see we have come to appreciate something so vital and that is that the body has the ability to heal itself……if it can make disease, it can also get rid of the disease but it takes doing the right things!

Stats can be scary, but they can also be enlightening and push you in certain directions. The cancer rates in Canada at the time of this writing is 1 in 2, that means 1 out of every 2 people will get cancer and 1 out of every 4 will die from it. And that is only one disease, there are others like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disorders, autoimmune diseases, emotional and mental stress, and the list can go on. These stats made us want to be prepared, prepared to help any family member or close friend who needed help.

We have done a lot to get us to where we are today and while doing so we really started to uncover our passion and we soon realized that we did not just want to help our family and friends. Before we even opened our business and had a solid plan in place, people were reaching out to us, asking for help and advice, and we loved it. We knew we needed to make ourselves more available and this has set us on our life path.

Briefly, we follow seven non-invasive strategies because there is not one single magic pill, strategy, protocol or approach to healing the body. One must utilize as many approaches as possible and these approaches are like pieces of a puzzle, they all have a place and they all fit together.

Our Non-Invasive strategies are Detoxification/Elimination, Immune System Optimization, Oxygenating, Alkalization/Hydration, Emotional Rejuvenation and Optimal Nutrition/Assimilation.

Let us help you reach your potential with your mind and body!

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