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What Our Clients Have to Say

Trevis-Live O2 Training.jpg

Working with Nicole and Trevis was a complete godsend, providing nothing less than an angelical and profoundly positive experience. They were incredibly caring and encouraging, and are fully committed to the path of healing and miracles, having so much love and passion for their work. I also feel that my concussion most likely healed many months sooner than it would have without their help. I can’t say enough about them and their system and smiles and will hopefully stay a long-term client of theirs.

~Indio Saravanja

Testimonials for Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Quantum Biofeedback Picture 1.jpg

This is a testimonial to the results of my treatments with Nicole Lucas. I am 72, a retired nurse and was a non-believer until I had two treatments for an ongoing problem. My neck pain had become so severe, that the pain extended up the back of my skull and into my eyes. I was unable to function. I had two long distance treatments and I could not believe that the pain was gone, and my head was clear. What a relief!

~Nancy, Ontario

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