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Welcome to Eve-volve Wellness

We are passionate about helping people achieve optimal health. We understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. We use non-invasive strategies to develop a custom plan for each client.

It is essential to cleanse the body of toxic buildup to ensure normal functioning and enhance recovery.


Eating foods high vitamins and minerals is essential so choose high frequency foods for optimal nutrition.


Oxygen rich environments at the cellular level prevent toxic build up and keep bacteria, viruses and cancer cells in check.


Disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Drink and eat alkaline water and food.


Restoring and giving energy to healthy, high vibrational emotional and mental thoughts.

We Use the Following Non-Invasive Strategies

Live O2 EWOT

Trevis-Live O2 Training.jpg

Far Infrared Sauna

Live O2 is an oxygen training system. It uses oxygen during exertion to optimize health and energy production, regardless of health conditions and diseases. This system also has an adaptive training contrast targeting and eliminating inflammation at its core.

Sauna picture.jpg

Far infrared saunas use light rays to create heat, this is turn heats the body directly without warming the air around you. This type of sauna is very effective at removing toxins, improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and much more.

Quantum Biofeedback
Quantum Biofeedback Picture 1.jpg

Quantum Biofeedback scans the body for up to 7000 different frequencies and assesses what is out of balance and sends safe, gentle balancing frequencies for wellness. Assisting with such things as stress reduction, pain management, digestion, sleep, emotions and much more.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching Picture 1.jpg

Gain strategies and guidance to enhance health on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Support will be provided throughout your transformation process.

Tyent Hydrogen Molecular Water

Tyent Water Ionizer.jpg

A Tyent water ionizer is an electrical water transformation device that turns ordinary tap water into healthy, ionized alkaline water which is full of antioxidants.


Supplements from Metagenics and Nature_s

Adding supplementation into your daily routine can assist in providing nutritional balancing or provide support while regaining health and vitality. Metagenics and Nature’s Sunshine have been chosen at Eve-volve Wellness based on the quality and effectiveness of their products. These companies perform several tests to ensure the highest of quality in their products.

Blood Typing

Blood Tying Picture.jpg

Knowing and understanding your blood type can be helpful in giving guidance to the types of foods you are able to easily digest and assimilate. Blood typing can determine if you are A, B, AB, or O blood type. Additionally, a laminated food guide is available.

Kal Nature Pic 2.jpg

Come Eve-volve with us and be well!

5361 McIntosh Rd

Vernon, BC

V1B 3K9


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