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Our Plans and Pricing

We understand that some people are going to come to us not knowing what to do or how to do it. We have been exactly where you are!


The Initial One Month Package is the best way to start off. We have designed this program with great intention, to help train and teach each individual as they make their way to optimum health.

We believe in giving people choices and allowing them to pick what works best for them. After the initial month, clients can choose to continue with one of the packages below, or purchase individual sessions.

$ 1200

(installment payments available)

($1500 value)

Initial One Month Package

  • Initial Assessment

  • Live/Dry Blood Analysis (2 analyses – one before program and one after program)

  • Blood Typing and Laminated Food Guidance Form

  • Health/Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching

  • Quantum Biofeedback Session (one session)

  • Hypnotherapy (one session) 

  • Live O2 Oxygen Training (12 sessions)

  • Far Infrared Sauna Sessions (12 sessions)

  • Tyent Hydrogen Molecular Water 

  • Final Assessment/Evaluation

Packages and Services

Live O2 and Far Infrared Sauna Packages
6 Session Package - $340 

($20 savings)

(only available after the completion of at least 12 sessions)

12 Session Package - $680

($40 savings)

15 Session Package - $840

($60 savings)

Individual Pricing

Live Blood Analysis

Blood Typing

Quantum Biofeedback



Live O2


Far Infrared Sauna


Tyent Water

$100/1 hr session​


$100/1 hr session​

$100/1 hr session​